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What is my expected delivery timing for receiving Gift Catalogue Greeting Cards or Artisan Gifts & Apparel?

We will send your items by mail, within 7 to 10 business days. There is no cost charged to you for shipping and handling.

If I buy a gift on behalf of a friend or relative, how will that person be notified?

To notify your honoree, you can choose between 3 options:

1) E-card: email your friends and loved ones, along with a personalized message.
2) Print Your Own: select a themed greeting card to print at home and personalize with your own message. 
3)Card mailed to you: send a greeting card to let a friend or loved one know that a gift has been given in their name.

I just sent gift catalogue e-cards to my honouree. Why did I receive them?

When you send a gift catalogue e-card, World Vision will copy you on the e-card that was sent to your honouree. You can keep the copy of the email for your records and/or use it to forward to your honouree if they didn't receive the e-card (e.g. if the incorrect email address was entered or if the e-card was sent to their spam folder, etc.).

How do I redeem a Giving Card?

Giving Cards are redeemed through the checkout process. After you have added all the items to your Basket that you wish to donate towards, simply visit your Basket or the Checkout option. This is where you can confirm your items and then proceed to Checkout.

At the Checkout stage, enter your customer information. Before proceeding to the payment stage, find the field titled "Giving Card", just below the Donation Summary. Enter your Giving Card number in that field and select "Apply". Once you've applied your Giving Card number, your donation summary will adjust. If your donation amount exceeds the amount on your Giving Card, you can then proceed to "Continue to Payment Method" for the remainder of the gift amount. If your donation is less than the Giving Card amount, remaining funds will go towards Where Most needed as Giving Cards are one time use only.

Can I still purchase a Gift Catalogue World of Change Giving Card?

As of June 3, 2020, Gift Catalogue World of Change Giving Cards are no longer be available for purchase. However, Giving Cards can be redeemed up until June 3, 2021 on our website or through our call center, per the usual redemption process.

Why is the World Vision Gift Catalogue no longer offering World of Change Giving Cards?

We have discontinued Giving Cards because costly enhancements would have been required for us to continue and improve the Giving Card experience. After a thorough analysis, it was therefore determined that the Giving Cards were no longer viable. Discontinuing the World of Change Giving Cards enables us to reduce expenses so we can increase the funds we send to children and families in need.

What happens to World of Change Giving Card funds if the Giving Card is not redeemed by June 3, 2021?

All unredeemed funds from the Giving Cards will be directed to the where most needed fund.  

What offers can replace the World of Change Giving Cards?

You can choose to gift any of our other Gift Catalogue items, but some of our most popular categories are: animals, agriculture, medicines and clean water.  

When I select an item from the Gift Catalogue, is this item actually given?

Yes, it is. When you select an item found in the Gift Catalogue, for example a goat, someone within the communities where we work will receive a goat.

How do you calculate the cost of each Gift Catalogue item?

The costs are based on an average. As could be expected, the prices of specific items vary between countries. For example, a goat in one country may be more or less expensive than a goat in another. There are places also that could be in a very remote location, or experiencing high inflation. In these regions, the cost of the item may be more expensive than the donation listed in the Gift Catalogue. In these instances, World Vision funds the difference from other sources, to ensure that the item is procured and delivered. As all items in the Gift Catalogue reflect real needs in our communities, we see the value of this subsidy in the context of our long-term development work.

What about if the item costs less than the amount found in the Gift Catalogue?

If there is money left over from the purchase of an item in the field, the additional money would go towards providing more of that same item. For example, if a goat costs $95 and the donation was $100, the other $5 would go towards purchasing another goat that has been pre-committed for the project. The donation amounts listed beside an item shown in the Gift Catalogue reflect the average cost of providing those items in the field. This amount is based on historical field data. But, as could be expected, the costs of specific items vary between countries.

How do you make sure that these items get to the communities?

One of our core values centres around stewardship, using donors’ money wisely, and to do so in a transparent and accountable way. We work hard to ensure that what is being promised to our supporters is actually happening in the field. Each project must include a detailed budget and outline of how funds are intended to be used. Project leaders are also required to supply a detailed report every year articulating how the money was used.

Are some gift items better than others?

All items featured in the catalogue have been selected in consultation with people from communities where we work. Communities determine what is most appropriate for this situation and context. However, there are some items in the Gift Catalogue that our overseas partners have identified as Most Needed. These items include: Agricultural Packs, Clean Water Fund and Stock A Medical Clinic, among others.

Who receives the gifts I purchase?

World Vision works with community leaders to develop a fair system for distributing items. In most cases, your gift is part of a larger program in which a number of families and community members receive similar items. The community decides what might best help them. See Are Some Gift items better than others?, for more information.

How are the gifts I purchase delivered?

Items you choose are purchased locally. This ensures the products (for example, fruit trees) are well suited to the local environment and helps support the local economy, while keeping transportation costs to a minimum.

Can I specify that my gifts be given to my sponsored child?

Unfortunately, we cannot designate who will get your gift, or target a gift to a particular community or a particular sponsored child. To allow this would present procurement, management and tracking challenges that also add significant cost to the item, which prohibits strategic use of the funds. 

However, by purchasing "Gift for your Sponsored Child's Community", your gift of $50 or more will be pooled together with gifts from other sponsors with children in the same community to provide things like educational materials, training for teachers and more for the whole community. Your name or donor ID will be used to ensure that this special gift is matched with your sponsored child's community. In addition, you are free to send your sponsored child small gifts that can fit into an envelope, such as stickers, colouring books etc.

Additionally, if you sponsor more than one child, the money will be split between all your sponsored children's communities.

Who can donate, sponsor a child or purchase a life transforming gift from our gift catalogue?

Everyone! At World Vision we encourage everyone to participate in transforming the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children. Although, if you are under 13 years of age, first check with your parents or guardians.

Can I exchange the artisan gifts or apparel I ordered from the Gift Catalogue?

For information regarding the exchange of Gift Catalogue artisan gifts or apparel, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-844-7993.

Can I return the artisan gifts or apparel I ordered from the Gift Catalogue?

Artisan gifts and apparel purchases are nonrefundable. Any returns made to World Vision Canada will not be eligible for a refund.

If there is a problem with the artisan gift or apparel I received, how do I report it?

If you have received a damaged product, or you’re missing a product, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-844-7993, and we will assist you with getting the item(s) replaced.

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For additional questions, please contact us at 1-800-844-7993 or visit our contact us page to submit your question.